It’s happened to nearly everyone: a customer drops their iPhone or it falls off of something and the screen cracks. Suddenly, all the important apps and data they’ve stored on their iPhone is impossible to access because they can’t see them under the cracks in the screen. All the money they invested in the phone means nothing to a cracked screen.

“Replace iPhone screen” is one of the top searches related to smartphone repair online. For retailers and repair shops, fixing iPhone screens is a surefire way to keep your workers busy and your customers happy. If you can save them the money of replacing their entire phone by offering them the option of fixing their screen instead, they’re more likely to come to you for other purchases in the future. Getting those screens at a competitive price not only keeps your shop busy – it also helps to keep your business profitable. 

At Issoy, we partner with repair shops, iPhone refurbishing specialists and retailers who repair and sell LCD screens for iPhone models 6 to 11. We provide each of our partners with award-winning customer care and liquidation prices on all our products. 

For wholesale pricing on our current stock of iPhone LCD screens, please fill out the two-minute form on our Become a Partner page.